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The way Text-to-Speech and desktop launchers were meant to be! "So simple to use, yet so powerful.." The CU2 simple command tool was created out of the frustration that comes with having to scan through countless menus, folders, sub menus to just open a document or program. If you spend much of your day working on a computer then it quickly becomes clear that point-and-click really means "Hunt then point and click the menu item which leads to the sub menu item to get to the item you want!". With CU2 that hunt-and-click searching is over. Simply Hit the hotkey type the command and hit enter. Programs like MSWord or Excel can be called short commands. To search simply hit the hotkey, type the search and hit enter and up pops the search results! Translator, Dictionary Definition finder, Image Search, Map Search! CU2 let's you choose from the best of the online search engines available! No hunt-and-click, just type hit enter and CU2 delivers the rest.

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