Anti-lost CD Ejector Pro

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Protect CD-drives from forgotten CD. What's new in version 2.2 : - multi-drive control using hot keys. Only call Main Menu (by double pressing a hot key) and press a letter of the proper drive; - some interface improvements. Anti-Lost CD Ejector opens your CD-drive if a disk is left inside it when you shutdown Windows. And you can manage this process with advanced Anti-Lost CD Ejector parameters. In addition, with the help of this program you can use your CD-drive more comfortable with hot keys or mouse. Main features: - multi-drive support of all CD-operations and Anti-Lost functions; - eject CD, if it is in CD-drive when you shutdown or restart Windows; - ask confirmation before auto-eject; (only PRO-version) - auto-close CD-drive after customized time; - CD-monitoring - you can always see, whether a disk is in a drive or not, without opening a drive, only by looking at the icon in the system tray; - close/eject CD drive only using one hotkey (<SCROLL LOCK>, <PRINT SCREEN> or <PAUSE/BREAK> according to your choice); - close/eject CD drive using mouse click, browse CD by middle button; - auto-browse CD and disable AutoRun functions - are useful for fast CD review when disks are often changed; - you can create a description for each CD and inserting CD you can look through descriptions in automatic mode.


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