3D Starfield ScreenSaver

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3D Starfield Screensaver is DirectX screensaver that shows stylized spaceship flying through the stars. This screensaver is inspired by well-known Starfield screensaver that is introduced in Windows 95 operating system and dropped in Windows Vista. 3D Starfield Screensaver is an improvement done by displaying animated spaceship on the screen and by making stars to follow the spaceship movements. 3D environment is simulated with 2D techniques due to excellent graphics and animation. Also, a set of new controls has been added making 3D Starfield Screensaver highly customizable. Now 3D Starfield Screensaver allows the user to transform it completely. Customizable background music support added, too. Features: number of new settings available; customizable background music added; self-adjustable to every screen resolution and display aspect ratio; reasonable CPU usage.


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