XIGraffix Virtual ListView is an ActiveX add-in control for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008. and using Net framework v2.x/3.x. The XIGraffixListView can easily be added to your application with the XIGraffix Building Systems. XIListView is flexible and you see a maximum of fifty rows at a time and not an endless number of rows as in a standard listview. It's the Coolest Grid Style on the Net... The XI design is a web look-a-like style and you can add nearly endless rows in XIGraffixListView even if you only have 1 or 6 columns in the board. The XIListView works Horizontally instead of Vertically like a standard list. This ListView is not designed for more than 6 columns, but for the performance and the style itself. The rest of the columns or line information that is not displayed on the screen, can be put in Labels or other controls. XIListView contains 31 variable virtual styles from cube to wave style. XIListView operates only with the rows displayed on screen, and not endless numbers of rows vertically like a standard listview. There is more than 100 ways to view and set the style from Smooth to Color Motion and Arena View. If you building small utilities then the style really can come to it's rigth place. It is your decision! XIListView is built for style and high performance. Setup and use XIListView in record time. Most features requires only one single command. Easy? Yes! There is really a difference between a standard list and XIListView. You can make your application styles with the XIListView body models and folio style. All the body models and folio styles in XIListView is Freeware but the Virtual XIListView is Shareware. Try the XIListView and make your software even more attractiv, feel the waves and the passion with XIListView onboard your software... XIGraffix Building Systems - Languages Support: Danish, Deutsch, English, Norwegian.

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