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As a coder... As a coder, we ofter use tools made by ourselves, and most of the time we forgot that many people might need something like that, no matter how simple, somebody might need it. So here is one of that tools. Why to use this tool? How many times, when you zipped your code for mailing or for posting on a site (like this :) ), have you noticed that you zipped PDB, debug files, etc., and that your little code snippet became 1 MB in size? Well, well, the same happened to me when coding and sharing code with friends through mail or using forums, so I just coded this little application; it was for my own use, so it is not too fancy. But I am sure it will help you to clean up solution folders and will save you time. Some Visual Studio plug-ins like ReSharper generates lots of small files, and you can delete them with this application. You can select what you want to delete and what not, and extend this to your needs. How to use it? Quite simple, just copy the SolutionCleaner.exe and run it, you will be able to integrate it with the Shell by checking the "Register on Shell" menu item in the Application menu. Then, you can just right click a folder on Explorer and you will see the "Clean with Solution Cleaner" option. The program will ask you for confirmation before it starts deleting files. It will also show a preview of the files that will be deleted and the amount of space that will be freed, and will mark, in red, files that could not be deleted.

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