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Checkers Game for PocketPC This checkers game it is quite handy and will give you lot of fun. It offers 3 difficulty levels; you can select the desired level from the menu. This game also plays sounds for moves and actions and it is possible to enable/disable those sounds using menu options. The game also makes possible to change pawn colors for each player. By default, the game is ready to be played by a human against a Level 1 Computer Player, you can change that from the game menu and even select 2 humans play mode if you want to use the PocketPC as a board for playing checkers with a friend. How to play? Easy, you have to ways: You can tap on each piece, and then tap on the next cell where you want to move the piece (including complex moves) and then click the Move! Button, if you want to reset the path, click the Clear button. Just drag and drop the piece where you want, notice that if you want to do a complex move, you have to drag and drop slowly the piece over each one of the intermediate cells.


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