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The Scopeware(TM) TNEF Decoder API allows developers to integrate support for Microsoft's Transport Neutral Encoding Format (TNEF) into their applications. TNEF is a propriety format used by Microsoft Exchange and Outlook email clients when sending messages composed in rich text format (RTF). When Exchange sends a message to a Microsoft email client, it extracts formatting information and encodes it in a special TNEF block, and then sends the message in two parts: a text message with formatting removed, and the formatting instructions in the TNEF block. When the message is received, Microsoft email clients process the TNEF block and reformat the message. Most non-Microsoft email clients, however, cannot decipher TNEF blocks. To recipients using such clients, the TNEF block appears as a long sequence of hexadecimal digits, either in the message itself or as an attached file (usually named winmail.dat). Mirror Worlds Technologies, Inc. produced the Scopeware TNEF Decoder API (STDA) to solve this problem. Using the STDA, developers can decode (or extract) the TNEF block of an email message via the command line, API calls, or through Sun Microsystem's Java Mail API. We have chosen to make this API available free of charge for personal and commercial use to anyone who cares to take advantage of it (see the license agreement in the download for the full terms and conditions of use).

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