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RSM used by most Software firms from Sun to Microsoft in 33 Countries on over 30 States of the US. Matured by it's 6 years of use, RSM provides a standard metrics solution independent of Operating System and implementation language. It presents metrics in a non-rocket science report style. RSM performs the industry standard code metrics for functions, classes, files, packages and projects. RSM is the fastest metrics parser requiring no build scripts or make files. RSM has processed project in excess of 10,000 files and 10 Million lines of code. RSM can derive function points from the SLOC based metrics. RSM has innovated Effective Lines of Code which most closely matched the actual quanity of work performed by programmers. RSM can perform differential metrics between two baselines showing NEW, MODIFIED and REMOVED files and the associated lines of code. RSM analyzes source code for quality features and has proven a valuable to as entrance criteria for peer reviews. RSM reports are in text, HTML and CSV format (Spreadsheet importable). RSM is user configurable and is multi-user or single user. The RSM trial version will analyze up to 10 source files which is suitable for most student projects or for tools evaluation.

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