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Do your web-based applications cost too much time and money to create? Do you spend too much in keeping your web-based applications up to date? Would you implement more key business functions in applications if you could do it quickly and cheaply? Yes? Then you need Polar Studio. Create complex web-applications in days instead of weeks, using less expensive staff. Forget the expense of installing and maintaining thick clients - convert them to web-based applications with minimal effort. With BluePolar studio, you can convert an existing database into a fully functional web-based application in hours, and then easily tailor it to suit your users. Technical details: With Polar Studio you easily build sophisticated, secure, multi-user, relational data-entry applications for your Access, SQL Server or Oracle databases. Develop with Polar Studio (Windows), and RUN on ANY Operating System, using a Standard Operating Environment (SOE) Browser like "Mozilla" The sophisticated applications allow users to manipulate data, accessibility depends on the applied rights for the user, using a standard web browser. It's ideal for building a sophisticated data-entry application in record time without programming, but is equally well suited for developers who want to save time when creating more complex applications while taking the tedium out of building data entry/search forms. Features include: # Over 200 help-pages (context sensitive) # Transaction Tracking (automatic mechanism) # Multi Language Support (default 10 translations possible) # Visual Form Designer # Script Wizard (helps you with processing all events using Skeletons and Code Completion) # Data Entry Validation # Secure Login Support, using tokens # Workflow Management # Full control over design # Advanced HTML Webcontrols # Pick Lists for selecting linked records # Master/Detail support # Drop Down Menus # Domain controlled entry fields # Much more....

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