Exporter for Lotus Notes

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Exporter for Lotus Notes is fast and easy way to export the content of a Lotus Notes or Domino database into the easy to read RTF or CSV file. The use of Exporter is not limited to mail, to-do or calendar entries. Virtually any Lotus or Domino database content could be exported with just few clicks of a mouse. To use Exporter you do not need to know anything about programming, neither write any code. Even beginner in Lotus Notes could use Exporter to export any data from any database. Just follow easy there-step export process! Exporter is an unzip and run philosophy program. It contain just one executable module and require no installation. It does not need creation of any databases in your Lotus Notes and it leaves no traces on your PC! Exported information could be read with a text editor or loaded in a database or electronic table program such as MS Excel, Access or Open Office Calc, Base. ASCII; one field of the fields with the same name


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