Agora Plastic 2005

Misc Programming Tools


*Designs robust software architecture by accurate using of UML Agora Plastic¢â is based on the meta model of UML standard specification of OMG, so that it has strict observance of the standard compared to any other UML modeling tools. So Agora Plastic¢â can model artifacts of the software system correctly. *Automatic generation of source codes by adapting MDA method If you adapt MDA(Model-Driven Architecture) method, you can generate large amounts of source code automatically as you can concentrate on the application domain. Agora Plastic¢â is very suitable to software development on the basis of MDA because it provides UML meta model, UML profile, and Open API etc. *Quick analysis of source codes of the legacy system by reverse engineering feature It takes a lot of effort to analyze a legacy system which doesn't consist of UML based software model and integrating it into a new system. You can decrease time and cost by analyzing the system because generating perfect UML model as analyzing source codes of legacy system in a few minutes if you use C++, C# and Java reverse engineering of Agora Plastic¢â. *Maximizes the software model value and preserves it more than ten years Agora Plastic¢â supporting UML is on the basis of standard UML of OMG, also it saves all model data to XML. It guarantees the data compatibility of other modeling tools by supporting XMI(XML Metadata Interchange), so the written software models can get values to preserve and re-use in the company for a long time. *Maximizes of productivity & quality through team collaboration Agora Plastic¢â supports the joint development of a team for software model by inter-working Microsoft Visual SourceSafe directly. Since you can manage software models as you divide it into model unit, you can carry out team collaboration by inter-working any other version management & configuration management such as CVS, Subversion, PVCS, ClearCase, etc.


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