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9.95 UNIT CONVERTER allows you to perform over 4,000 DIFFERENT CONVERSIONS between 200+ UNITS organized in 12 CATEGORIES. Perfect when traveling abroad, in the kitchen, at school, in the lab, at work... MULTIFUNCTION MEASUREMENT AND CURRENCY CONVERTER - CURRENCY AND EURO conversion: Dollars to Yens, Euros to Pounds, Francs to Euros, etc. - DISTANCE conversion: feet to meters, nautical miles to kilometers, centimeters to inches, etc. - TEMPERATURE conversion: degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit, etc. - WEIGHT conversion: pounds to kilos, ounces to grams, etc. - VOLUME conversion: liters to gallons, pints to cm3, etc. - ENGLISH / METRIC conversion: supports many other units (over 200 in total - see the table below) PACKED WITH FEATURES - Logical and intuitive user interface with built-in help - Use the CLIPBOARD to copy and paste values from/to other programs - Define new units and categories with the UNIT EDITOR - Apply metric prefixes to metric units - Select between default and scientific display modes - Supports MEMORY CARDS as well as grayscale, color, and high-resolution screens PURCHASE WITH CONFIDENCE - 30-DAY UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - SECURE online ordering - NO WAITING: Instant download - FREE lifetime software upgrades - SAME DAY customer support


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