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Bluepulse Get social on your mobile. Create your Place on bluepulse, personalize it with info about yourself, photos and videos and you'll be able to: - Text your friends on bluepulse - Make new friends in chat rooms - Organize parties with friends using the broadcast message feature - Check out your friends Mobile Places - Access a huge range of mobile widgets - Email, IM, Horoscopes, Weather, Webcams and (a lot) more. Bluepulse is a single piece of software that lets you do all of this on your phone for FREE! Installing Bluepulse Bluepulse runs on almost all Java and Symbian phones, all you need are properly configured internet settings. To download the latest version of Bluepulse, simply open your phones web browser and enter: Or for more information, head to Share Your Place Sharing your Place, photos and videos with friends is easy - Everyone who joins bluepulse receives a unique address that they can use to help friends join and find their Place. Let's say your name was ben, your address would be Telling your friends to go to this address on their phone will automatically send a friend request to you and let them find your Place, photos and videos without having to search for you. To make sharing your Place even easier, you can send a free SMS or Email to friends containing your bluepulse address. If your friend is already on bluepulse, you simply search for them and add them as a friend. Too easy! More Info For more information about bluepulse, check out our website, If you would like to build your own widget, email us at For the best experience go to from your phone so that we can select the correct version. Enjoy!


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