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Yoober is a small program for your mobile phone that lets you send FREE mobile text messages without paying a cent for SMS! There are no character restrictions, and you can send individual or group text messages to any Yoober users, anywhere in the world. With Yoober, you don't get any SPAM messages, because you only receive messages from people who are on your contacts list. By using Yoober, you can save on your SMS bills, and enjoy a more fun texting experience with extra long, super secure and private text messages. When you join, you get to select your own Yoober username/ID, so you can send and receive text messages without revealing your mobile number! To use Yoober on your mobile, all you need is a Java enabled mobile handset with GPRS or mobile internet support. You can also use Yoober right from your PC - and it won't cost you a cent to send as many messages as you want to all your friends and family. Yoober is a Freeware program! Visit our website to find out more!

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