X-Server for windows X-ThinPro

Network and Internet
Terminals and Telnet Clients


This is an X-server with SSH encryption. It can run UNIX applications on your PC. <p> X-ThinPro software package includes: <ul> <li>Telnet virtual terminal emulator</li> <li>ARPANET standard FTP user interface</li> <li>DARPA standard TFTP user interface</li> <li>LPR remote printing program</li> <li>LPD - Network Print Server</li> <li>Ping</li> <li>Startup</li> <li>Network file system server</li> <li>Network file system client</li> <li>XServer</li> <li>Font server</li> </ul></p> <p> Now with "Dynamic Port Forwarding". This unique feature allows you to start FTP, XStartup/Rexec and other facilities, without direct access to remote hosts, through established SSH connections. <p> New in this release: the MESA GLX emulation was implemented, the manual Mount/unmount (by the "NET USE drive: \\rhost\rexportdir") is available now, the remapping (automount) at Logon was implemented.


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