Secure X-Server/Telnet client server with SSH - X-SecurePro

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Terminals and Telnet Clients


This is a secure X-server for Windows with SSH encryption. Run UNIX applications on your PC, transforming it into a fully functional X-terminal. <p> X-SecurePro Package includes: <p> <ul> <li>Secure SSH (support of SSH-2) <li>Ciphers: 3DES, Blowfish, DES and RC4 <li>Authentication using password <li>Authentication RSA <li>Compression support <li>Connection forwarding, including full support for X-protocol <li>TCP/IP <li>Network File System: NFS (Client + Server) </ul> <p> Now with "Dynamic Port Forwarding". This unique feature allows you to start FTP, XStartup/Rexec and other facilities, without direct access to remote hosts, through established SSH connections. <p> New in this release: the MESA GLX emulation was implemented, the manual Mount/unmount (by the "NET USE drive: \\rhost\rexportdir") is available now, the remapping (automount) at Logon was implemented.


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