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Some of the features to look forward to include: œ Text & Voice Chat - For both Chat Channels & Private Chats. œ Channel Chats - Join chat rooms to find communities that share your interests. œ Friends List - Keep a list of your friends, and instantly see who is online. œ Private Chats - Chat directly with people from your friends list and people you find in chat channels. œ Channel Administration - Create channels for free, and have a host of administrative features at your finger tips to manage your channels however you like. œ Advanced Activity View - At a glance see who is talking. Optionally detach the view to see these details even while working with another application (even games in window mode). œ Advanced Notifications - Customize what events you want to see, and how you want to see them. œ Customize Voice Chat - Select from push-to-talk voice activation, or automatic voice activation. œ Channel Groups - Want to seperate out conversations without the need for creating additional channels? No problem, channel groups allow you to quickly jump between groups within a given channel. œ Favorites - Manage a list of your favorite channels, and select which of those you wish to make home (auto-join). œ Ignore List - We want you in full control of your experience, and having an ignore list is vital to insure no one bothers you. And even better, the user is ignored at the account level, so no worries of them changing their name to get around it. œ Automatic Updates - Forget about having to download the latest version to get all the newest features, with Woozab Chat all clients are automatically updated. And so much more!

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