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That is a powerful tools for build website web book. It can be used in Internet Papers Collection, Build Offline Website eBook, Build eStorybook, Build offline forum eBook, and so on. Webinder is user friendly, powerful, and very fast download tool,offline browser and e-document maker. You can use it to download you love website pages. All that is needed is just a few clicks. Webinder can help you to create a single compressed HTML-Help (.chm) file which contain all the files you have downloaded, so to store only a single chm file is more portable and more convenient. This chm file support full-text search and heading index, No additional software for starting and viewing the file is required, Webinder is a true powerful ebook builder. Webinder Features Define headings index of the building ebook. Free arrange the headings index of the building ebook. Smart save downlaod files with category in the folder of webinder project, sample for pictures floder. Create a single HTML help (.chm) file which contains your downloaded contents. Save your unfinished download task and load it next time to continue download. Multi-Thread enables you to download multi-files simultaneously. Smart update new files, check your downloaded files before and update them smartly. Full-text search supported by CHM book.


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