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The Web is an incredibly valuable information resource, but unless you have an easy way to manage the information you find there, the Web's value will never be realized. WebStasher solves that problem. WebStasher saves Web pages, selections, bookmarks and notes, and organizes information using multiple project and category labels. Labels avoid the hassle of juggling folders when information is associated with multiple projects and categories. WebStasher also helps prevent you from saving the same information more than once. An indicator on the WebStasher toolbar displays whether the page you are viewing on the Web has already been saved. A single click can display the saved item in a new browser window for easy comparison. WebStasher makes it easy to retrieve saved information, too. Search criteria can include: single- or multiple-labels; phrases in content; whole- or partial-words in content; and date-ranges. Criteria can be combined in order to target searches and reduce the number of irrelevant records found. But WebStasher goes even further to help you uncover the information you are looking for. The WebStasher interface lets you 'see' inside records without opening them. When a search returns multiple records, you can pass your mouse over a record summary to display the page description, page notes and text you highlighted on the original Web page. Additional features include the ability to: share selected records with other users (those without WebStasher can view the records in their browsers, while those with WebStasher can import those records, along with their properties, into their personal stashes); cite online information using MLA- and APA-compatible bibliographic formats based upon the COLUMBIA GUIDE TO ONLINE STYLE; save time searching the Web by using the exclusive WebStasher 500 database of information-rich Web sites, many of which reside in the deep or invisible Web placing them beyond the reach of popular search engines.

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