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Parents do you want to check and see if your young children are circumventing your parental controls and going to porn sites? WebSnitch saves every keystroke in each individual application. So you know if www.gimmesomeporn.com was a website visited, or whether it was within an e-mail sent out by the youngster. Or you can take full control and load a list of approved sites into the WebSnitch, and the WebSnitch will only allow those sites to be visited. Schools too will want this program for the same reason the parents would. You should make every effort possible to protect your kids from online threats... including porn, racism, and sites that promote illegal activities. Lets face it... censor programs aren't enough, and they often limit your children's access to appropriate content. WebSnitch will allow you to monitor your children's online activities... so you can personally teach them right from wrong. It is only a small investment for complete peace of mind!


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