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Work with SNMP MIBs using a spreadsheet like interface. Compile complex private MIBs or install prebuilt MIB packages of all top vendors. Monitor SNMP Traps passively without making risky configuration changes to routers. Our latest release offers a scripting interface and SNMPv3 admin tools Trap Monitor Features: * Many more free features including SNMPv3 trap reception * Zero-Touch passive trap monitor * Monitor SNMPv1, v2, v3 traps * Traps from all VLANs and ports * TRAP, NOTIFY, INFORM support * Automatic OID to Name conversion * Customize using Trap Profiles * New Trap Speak technology * SPAN ports and Network TAP support * Open multiple windows and more SNMPv3 Admin Features: * USM (User Management) Wizard * VACM (View Management) Wizard * Easiest way to manage SNMPv3 users on your routers * All auth and priv protocols supported (MD5, SHA, DES, AES-128) Common Features: Spreadsheet like MIB walker, Save and open old mib browsing sessions, automatic mib loading, MyMibs allow you to create custom mib views, excellent printing support, discover agents and agent implementation, all versions supported. Works full blown for 30 days after which power features are disabled. Free features allow most mib browsing, compiling, walking tasks. SNMP v3 supported - DES and AES 128. IPv6 support. Top value for money.


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