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TelcoAlert is a unique hosted monitoring solution that ensures your fax systems, voice circuits and power are online. Fax monitoring is critical for any business that relies on faxing such as insurance companies, pharmacies, property management, resellers, HR departments, banks, the list goes on. Additionally a fax machine can simply be used as a receiving end point device. Our ability to communicate with your fax machine allows full testing of the power infrastructure and voice circuits (analog, T1, DS3) that the fax machine is connected to. For example if you have a critical voice T1 you can have this line monitored 24/7 and be notified as soon as it goes down. Q: How does TelcoAlert work? A: TelcoAlert is designed to provide end to end verification of your ability to receive faxes. Error conditions are triple checked using TelcoAlert's diverse multipath connectivity to the PSTN (public switched telephone network) to ensure you do not receive false positives. At each check interval (15 or 60 minutes) TelcoAlert will perform the following process on each number specified in your account: Step 1. Call Establishment - Checks if the fax machine is reachable. If the line is busy the number being checked is sent back into the queue to be rechecked. Step 2. Line quality and speed negotiation - TelcoAlert communicates with your fax device to ensure the line quality and speed are adequate for a fax message to be sent. Step 3. Clean Disconnect - If steps 1 and 2 successfully pass then a log is written to the database showing a successful check. If any portion of steps 1 or 2 fail, the line is rechecked using an alternate PSTN path. If three checks fail then you are notified via email or SMS (text message)

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