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Smart Publisher is a web-based open source application which helps you to publish a static or dynamic website on the internet. A useful tool for big companies of internet application production, but also for web developers. Transfer quick and easy a website from a local system (developer server) to a remote system (production server) on internet. Compare files and database (MySQL) between local and remote systems. Save time and effort by uploading only the difference between the two systems. - Without using a ftp client you can see which files are not included in your remote system. - Gain space by erasing files that you don’t need, once you don’t have them on your local system. - Find the differences by going through line to line in ascii files (php, html, js, css etc). - See the differences between image files (jpg, gif, png, etc), but also in macromedia flash (swf). - Check the structure of your database and find the records for insert, update and delete. - Smart Publisher is fully co-operational with eAccelerator, so that you can publish php scripts, in an encrypted form. - Access all files, without having right permissions, in the remote system with sudo support on linux systems. The technology (soap+xml) that is used for comparing and transferring, the prototype of web-based applications, and the incorporation with live service update and confronting problems makes the Smart Publisher a necessary tool for an internet application programmer.


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