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Monitoring: ServerObserver Network Monitor can monitor your servers working on any operating systems if you only inform it of your servers and your concerns. ServerObserver periodically monitors web servers(HTTP, HTTPS), mail servers(POP3, SMTP), databases(MS SQL Server, MySQL, ORACLE, Informix, Sybase), SNMP, directories(LDAP), domain name systems(DNS), file servers(FTP), and any TCP port of any server as well as inquire out a server alive (PING). You can observe the system resources of Windows and UNIX/LINUX servers. ServerObserver investigates the CPU, Memory, Network, and Disk usage, file size and event logs. It can find whether a process is running as well. Monitor something by running VB script file. For instance, Directory size. Whether a NT service is running? Whether a printer is up? You can write your own script file. Notification: You can instruct the ServerObserver to inform you of notable situations (such as no response, the excess of RTT/CPU usage/disk usage, the detection of modified pages, the recovery from other notable situation) by sending an e-mail, by showing a popup window message, by performing a VB script, by executing an external application, and/or by play a sound. You can ask the ServerObserver for sending an SMS message on your cell phone. Report: Reports come to your hand! The report wizard of ServerObserver generates daily, weekly, and monthly reports on monitoring results. You can choose the type of report among HTML text, MS Word document, and MS PowerPoint document. View monitoring status on the web: It provides a web server that lets you view the status of your network from any web browser. You can enable/disable the web server and add/modify HTML view. Logging: You can specify how many days old logs will be before being deleted or backup. If you want to backup, you can specify the backup directory. Utilities : You can use the PING and SNMP utilities.


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