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Do you want control of web page content when browsing? Are safety and security important to you when browsing the web? Do you want to avoid obnoxious advertising and web page tricks? If so, Pioneer is the browser for you. How does Pioneer Report MDI improve web browsing? First, it is not an HTML web browser. Now, you may be thinking that is a significant limitation. But, ask yourself, "Is there a better way to browse the web than HTML?" Well, if you think popups, adware, spyware, and viruses are the best way to browse the web, maybe HTML is the only way. But, if you want to avoid this while still getting the content and information from the web you want, you need an alternative. GordronRhodes Markup Language (GRML) gives you control of the web in a way that HTML never could. How? HTML determines HOW content is displayed in the web browser, while GRML determines WHAT is displayed in the web browser. The difference, while subtle, is significant. It means that HTML content is displayed in ONE way only, while GRML has no limit to the ways a web page is displayed. Why is the display of a web page important? Well, when a web page does not dictate how it shoud look, the web browser gets to decide. Ultimately, as the web browser user, you get to decide. You control what is shown and what is not. You control where you want to see it. You control standards for navigation, text, and images. You control editing of web page content, inserting and deleting, sorting, and cut/copy/paste. What more do you get with control of the web page? Well, you do not have to worry about web page suprises. You are not forced to see advertising or tricked into installing software. No worries about malicious web pages. That means you significantly limit the chances a web page has to control the web browser with scripting. It is never fun when a web page hijacks the web browser when you use it. Pioneer Report MDI gives you control, safety, and security when browsing the web.

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