PictureTaker Enterprise Edition

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The easy enterprise software deployment tool that really works. It's the fast, reliable way to install, update, or remove software from PCs - enterprise wide. Already the winner of 9 industry awards, PictureTaker just keeps getting better!The PictureTaker zero-footprint client gives you fine control over every detail of your software deployments while conserving precious network bandwidth. Version 3 also creates self-installing files when you need client-free installations. PictureTaker now includes LANovation's Conflict Checker Professional as a standard feature. Conflict Checker Professional checks your entire library of PictureTaker Packages for potential file and registry conflicts BEFORE you deploy them. The easiest ay to install, update and remove software on PCs throughout your entire company with blazing speed and accuracy! Quickly install and update software in all heterogeneous PC environments (including remote PCs) via PictureTaker's compressed distribution Packages. Software that normally takes up to 50-60 minutes to install now installs in just minutes. Unlike other distribution methods, PictureTaker Enterprise Edition is easy to learn, highly flexible, and amazingly reliable. It installs software error-free, even in environments with many different kinds of users and PCs. When you do have customization needs that PictureTaker hasn't already taken care of for you, just use the program's 'smart variables' to make it do what you want on each PC. And when the programs you're installing don't get along with each other, PictureTaker's built-in file and registry conflict checking helps you find problems before your users do. With full support for Windows Me and Windows 2000, including the ability to create Windows Installer files, PictureTaker Enterprise Edition continues to manage your current desktop environment while easing your transition to new technologies. Protect past investments and move your entire enterprise forward with confidence.As early as today, you could be up and running with PictureTaker Enterprise Edition's intuitive, easy-to-use interface.


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