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Opera 9.6 enhances the performance and flexibility of Opera’s built-in e-mail client, while adding new features to Opera’s free browser-synchronization service. Classic Opera features including tabbed browsing, Quick Find, fraud protection, saved sessions, Speed Dial, notes and the trash can also make for a great browsing experience. Significant speed improvements in Opera 9.6 allow you to spend more time getting things done online. Opera Mail (M2), Opera's built-in e-mail client, now features low-bandwidth mode to facilitate working while on a network with limited connectivity. To enable low-bandwidth mode, click under the Mail menu option. Opera will then download only the minimal amount of data necessary to retrieve the e-mail. This feature also allows you to manage your emails quicker and more efficiently. Opera Mail (M2) also allows you to follow or ignore contacts or e-mail threads. Simply right click on a thread and choose Follow/Ignore to follow or ignore threads. You can follow or ignore contacts by right-clicking on a contact in the Contacts panel (see more about panels below) or right-clicking on a contact name in any e-mail. When subscribing to an RSS feed, Opera now displays the feed in a two-column layout so you can see the content before you choose to subscribe. Opera Link, Opera's browser synchronization service, now synchronizes typed browser history and your customized search engines in addition to notes, bookmarks, your Speed Dial and personal bar. You can synch between multiple versions of Opera 9.6 and even Opera Mini, Opera’s free browser for your mobile phone. To learn more about Opera Link, visit http://www.opera.com/products/link/ Cutting-edge widgets - small and handy Web programs - make everyday browsing fun and useful by bringing a variety of Web content and data right to your desktop. You can play games, get organized, follow your favorite sports teams and more.

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