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The Wakeup On LAN feature allows remote computer setup, software downloading and installation, file updates, and asset tracking after hours and on weekends when LAN traffic is at a minimum without having to personally go back to your business to turn on the targeted PCs or initiate the processes.? It is now possible to cause certain PC configurations to 'Wake Up' (power on) when they receive a special packet. This "Magic packet" is generated using the IP, Subnet and MAC address of the remote computer. By sending this special packet to a dormant computer that remote computer can be caused to "Wake Up" (Boot itself up). This feature can be disabled in the BIOS or in the Network card settings. The only drawback to this is that one has to know the remote computer's IP, subnet and MAC address. Nightshift's Network tools wil provide you with the right tools to detect the MAC and the IP address. After the boot process completed you can detect and identify open ports, trace the route to the machine, etc.


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