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MyWebAlert! monitors your web site 24 x 7 to alert you when your site goes down and to provide you with diagnostics to aid rapid resolution of problems. Key to the power of MyWebAlert! is that your web site is monitored every five minutes from one of three separate polling centres. A longer polling interval than that provided by MyWebAlert means that your web site will be down for an unacceptably long period before you get to hear about it; fewer monitor points translate to you receiving misleading false alarms. You may not be aware that your web site can be down for a considerable period and yet still be within the limits of the high availability figures quoted by your ISP. For example, 99.5% availability could mean downtime of 1½ days per year. MyWebalert! polls your site using conventional HTTP requests, from monitoring systems hosted at 3 geographically diverse locations at staggered intervals of 5 minutes. As soon as a web site failure is detected, it is retried immediately and you are alerted if MyWebAlert! does not receive a single successful response within a 15 minute period, i.e. 6 attempts ensuring that you receive timely warnings and no false alarms. Where you supply your domain name, MyWebAlert queries the DNS servers that master your DNS entries, checking for availability and reporting on the Resource Records held. Mis-configured or unreliable DNS servers are known to cause a significant proportion of outages. To give you an idea of how your site is performing over time and to spot impending problems coming over the horizon, you will be sent a monthly report of top level statistics, such as the number of times your site was probed and the number of failures, with a comparison against MyWebAlert!’s all-site average plus a summary of the number of alerts generated over the period. To complete the report, a simple macro is supplied to enable you to graphically represent the data in standard Microsoft documents.


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