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LANMessage is an GUI for the WinPopUp and NET SEND Windows's services, that lets you easily: Create Private List of users on the LAN * Create and Manage Groups of users * Manipulate user(s) in the groups * Give an Aliases for users * Export/Import Private List to/from file * Create Signature and/or Header for all messages * Set for yourself a NickName (Change the "From" for all messages) * Preview message before sending * Create a log of all sent messages and save it to file and more... LANMessage is a small messaging utility that lets you send your message to one or more users on the LAN (Local Area Network), even in other domains. With a compact interface featuring a "Message to" window and a "Text message" window, this utility can be called up from the system tray at any time via context menu or hot keys. Simply select the message recipient (user(s) or/and group(s)) in the "Message to" window, type your message in the "Text message" window, and then click on the "Send" button to send the message. You can create as well as edit your own private list of friends on the LAN. In this private list you can create a groups of users, and a nice logging feature lets you create a log of all sent messages and save it to file. This messenger can be configured to start with Windows. LANMessage is very small, easy to use and user friendly.


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