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This is an XML driven horizontal arrow scroller, easy to use and customize. It supports an unlimited number of images.The preview version was obtained only by modifying the XML file.This package also contains a video-tutorial !XML Features:- thumb width and height;- you can change the distance between the thumbs;- you can change the number of thumbs that fit in the viewing area;- you can adjust the amount of blur applied when scrolling;- the stroke's colors are customizable straight from the .xml file and you can change the color for image stroke (normal and over state), image background (normal and over state) and the background normal stroke color;- you can change the navigation's x and y position; the navigation buttons will position by default but if you want to easily adjust that here, you can do it;- you can also change the side arrows width and height;- you can toggle to not keep the text below the picture or to keep it - the surrounding graphics will properly resize in each case.


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