ICUII (I See You Too)

Network and Internet
Video Chat Tools


ICUII allows you to send and receive audio, text, and color video using the Internet. You can send and receive in real time, or you can send Quick Messages (quick messages, or instant messages) using ICUII. You can record video and audio with your message.ICUII also includes full audio, video and chat conferencing. You can see, talk, and chat with multiple people at the same time.Any audio hardware that can sample at 8000 samples/second with 16-bit resolution should work with ICUII. ICUII supports the use of full duplex audio hardwareICUII also implements a simple chat facility that allows users to send text to each other. User’s can chat in groups and / or one to one in private. Private messages can be exchanged while in a group chat.ICUII can use Microsoft Video for Windows to perform real-time video capture. If you have a video capture system with Video for Window runtime capabilities that supports a raw RGB, palette, YUV9,or YUV12 format, ICUII can be set up to grab video from it.ICUII also has a variety of privacy features such as call screening and the ability to limit the number and types of calls that can be accepted. This allows a user to reject calls automatically, or ICUII can pop up a dialog box allowing the called party to accept or reject a call.ICUII also contains a ratings filter feature to allow you to try to avoid adult material. The ratings extend to the Quick message system as well, so messages can be filtered appropriately based on the rating you are currently using.


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