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Flash Favorite makes it easy to download and save flash files (SWF, FLV) on the web pages. You can preview, optionally rename and save the flash files on your computer for future playback. Download youtube movies with just one click. ------------------------ What's new in version 2.0? Upgrade the Youtube Downloader - You can download your favorite videos from Youtube and save them as FLV, 3GP and MP4 in low, medium and high qualiy. ------------------------- An easy way to save and download flash video from web pages! Flash is the most popular animation format on Internet now. When you were surfing on the Internet, have you experienced such things: Playing Flash games, Watching videos online, Watching comic Flash movies, Reading Flash based charts ........ Having problem downloading these flash files? Make it easy on yourself with Flash Favorite. Flash Favorite is the right program that can save these flashes for you. With this useful tool, you are able to download the Flash movies you like and save them to your hard drive for future playback. ------------------------- Step-by-Step Guides: 1. How to download video files from Youtube? (http://www.flashfavorite.com/download-youtube.htm). 2. How to locate and save Flash Video files you browsed before? (http://www.flashfavorite.com/downloadflv.htm ). 3. How to download and save SWF flash files (*.SWF) from websites? (http://www.flashfavorite.com/downloadswf.htm). 3. Want to convert and burn FLV movies to DVD and watch them on your TV? Try AoA DVD Creator (http://www.aoamedia.com/dvdcreator.htm) ! ------------------------- Download the free trial now! http://www.flashfavorite.com/flashfavorite.exe


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