ElementQ Communicator 2007

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ElementQ is private personal communications software aiming you to find friends, penpals with interests similar to yours, exchange messages and files with them, tell others about what (whom) you are looking for and what you have. Are you looking for retro songs? Good old computer game? Penpal from Ukraine? Or, maybe, a single man raising kids and living in Europe? ElementQ Communicator is designed to help and enjoy you! It is easy and safe to use. ElementQ interface is similar to standard email programs, but unlike them it does not need to use any external servers and email addresses. ElementQ is based on “peer-to-peer” communications. It means that you need to leave your computer running online for some periods of time in order to communicate with other people computers and exchange information with them. ElementQ communications are private and secure, messages are transparently encrypted not only while being transmitted over Internet, but also when they are stored on your computer. In addition your local account has password protection option so that nobody but you could access saved data. Using ElementQ you can safely share any number of pictures, music, video and other files with your friends. This program can run unattended at scheduled intervals and has fast image viewer with many options. Brief usage: 1 Create your personal profile where you tell others about yourself and what you need 2 Stay online to let others download your profile and download other people profiles 3 Explore new profiles and reply to people having interests similar to yours 4 Stay online to download messages and files addressed to you 5 Read messages, save files and send replies like you do it in regular email program Let ElementQ stay online and loop back to step 2


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