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AmiPic ShareMaster is fully customizable Internet searchbot, Web and Usenet mass downloader, file-sharing program equipped with image viewer, duplicate files hunter and other tools. It downloads files from web pages and Usenet newsgroups or you can instruct it to download whole web sites, including huge mp3 and photo galleries. When used as Internet search tool you can make it to add new search engines and custom search rules without need for program update. AmiPic ShareMaster can hide files inside another file, such as a picture, an audio or mpeg video clip. When found on web pages or in Usenet newsgroups such "magic files" are decoded on-the-fly (self-decryption). You can safely share files with other users of AmiPic ShareMaster without even letting them to know your web site URL address! To share files you upload regular or magic files on your web page and submit this page URL as usually or by using so called "DDB files" and Direct Submission. To download files from hidden sites you only need to collect DDB files submitted by others. AmiPic ShareMaster has fast image viewer with URL tracking. It means that when you find an interesting picture in image viewer you are one-click away from visiting the web site where this picture originates. Another powerful tool is Duplicate Files Hunter which is used to clean up your PC from unwanted duplicate files. It works not only with images, but also with any other kind of files. When used as Usenet binaries downloader AmiPic ShareMaster fully supports UUencode, Base64 and yEncoding; automatic multipart files reconstruction, multiple news servers and connections. It has file splitter and can join files splitted by other programs, such as MasterSplitter or QuickPar. AmiPic ShareMaster is safe to use because it is designed with respect to your privacy! It keeps all sensitive information in encrypted form, has password protection option for your projects and can connect to Internet via anonymous SOCKS proxy servers.


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