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Bookmark Buddy is an intuitive bookmark manager offering four different ways to retrieve bookmarks, plus site login management, privacy features, bookmark checking and a host of other features. Retrieving bookmarks can be hit and miss; often quicker to search for the site on Google. So Bookmark Buddy provides four different retrieval routes: - Three clicks: category, subcategory, bookmark. - Virtually instantaneous full-text searching, with options to refine and filter results by date, rating and site status. - SmartFolders: recently added sites plus recently and frequently visited sites are all immediately accessible in Bookmark Buddy's SmartFolders. - Scheduling: set up one-off or regular visits with the built-in scheduler. To help make retrieval even more reliable, Bookmark Buddy allows bookmarks to be filed in multiple locations (invisibly aliased rather then copied) and to be keyworded. And there's space with each bookmark to write notes. Even occasional web surfers now find they have to remember many different log-in names and passwords. Bookmark Buddy can store these and encrypt the passwords so that only one password is needed to retrieve any log-in; and it can also drop the log-in details straight into a web page or dialog box at a click of a button. For complete privacy, you can encrypt entire bookmark collections: web addresses, notes, log-in details, the lot. Web sites change, move and disappear, but bookmarks don't know about it. Bookmark Buddy does: it can check thousands of bookmarks in the background. Bookmark Buddy can manage multiple collections of bookmarks (great for family users) and very large collections (great for serious web surfers and researchers) and it lets you share bookmark collections (great for networked/corporate users). Bookmark Buddy works with any web browser and includes import/export support for Internet Explorer, Netscape/Mozilla and Opera, and import support for AOL.


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