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eXPress Collage makes it quick and easy for anyone to create a customized, electronic presentation including images, text and sounds. Collage presentations are a great way to show off family photos, display artwork, self-publish and share information. Use Collage to create e-books, photo albums, calendars, screen savers, presentations, greeting cards, newsletters, recipe books and much more. eXPress Collage is versatile and easy to use. Beginners may choose to take advantage of Quick Start, featuring pre-designed templates. More advanced users will appreciate the fact that almost every detail of their project can be customized, from the placement and size of images and text, to the canvas background size and color, to the sounds and navigation links which may be associated with any object. When complete, a Collage presentation is easy to share. The file can be published as a series of web pages or images. Or, it can be saved as a stand-alone presentation (no Collage software required to view), or even a screen saver. (Includes Help Topics and a demo.)

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