Spherical Panorama Virtual Tour Builder

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Presentation Tools
  • Developer: Vladimir Shulakov, Spherical Panorama Inc.
  • Home page: sp.zdt.ru
  • License type: Commercial
  • Size: 22.46 MB
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The SP_VTB virtual tour compiler is intended for compiling the panoramic scenes (spherical and cylindrical panoramas), sound accompaniment (foreground Wave speech audio and background music, format MP3, MIDI, any available method of the compression), in ready PE/EXE module. Full Screen mode - will allow you to see details of a panorama, when using a small monitor. Plasma mode - is intended for making a tour for display on a plasma screen, such as for a exhibition. Flash Terminal mode - is for creating a virtual tour using Macromedia Flash MX. EXPO mode - is for creating virtual tours with included "advertising objects" SP_VTB provide multiple ways to present your virtual tour. Professional and beginners alike will be able to build impressive virtual tours. The compiler offers the following solutions. Link spherical panorama, cylindrical panorama to build a CD based virtual tour Link virtual objects (still JPEG image, AVI, MPG, EXE, SWF,HTML) Customize viewer graphic skin and scene visually Customize visual mode ("Standard", "Expo", "Full screen", "Plasma", "Flash terminal") Add hot spots which can be linked to a panorama, virtual objects or another virtual tour. Set tour path to control the timing and virtual tour walkthrough Tailor an interactive map with compass effect Generate virtual tour as small CD module PE/EXE format, which is easily to write on CD, CD-RW or DVD disk and no plug-in necessary when viewing. Use virtual tour as movie Use any Flash MX presentation with embedded the Spherical Panorama virtual tour. SP_VTB has been designed to be user-friendly.

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