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Do all computer savvy people use Photoshop to edit their digital photos? Absolutely not! There are more elegant solutions. SnapTouch features batch processing - editing a batch of files at one click. Smart file importing, sorting and renaming - renaming files with regard to the date and arranging them in separate folders while importing files to the computer. Hard cases are handled with special macros. Lossless photo cropping with aspect ratio - setting sizes and aspect ratios before cropping. The feature is compulsory before printing. Stamping photos with date, time and comments - shoot dates are right on photos visible to you. That is a totally automatic feature. SnapTouch extracts all the necessary data right from EXIF files of images. Compulsory before printing. Red eye reduction - straight and clear look at the camera. Compulsory before printing. Viewing and deleting auxiliary EXIF data - satisfying your curiosity and reducing file size of an image. Sure, photo editing can be easy. Easy and powerful. Check it out with SnapTouch!


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