Multi-Cam DVR with Smoke and Motion Detection

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NVision is a versatile muliti-camera Digital Video Recording (DVR) and surveillance system with vision-based smoke and motion detection capabilities. In addition to the integration of advanced computer vision technologies, NVision DVR includes automatic event archiving and playback functionality including disk space monitoring which automatically disables camera recording when disk sizes reach below user specified levels. Users can select to record events at full resolution or in compressed AVI formats using 5:1 compression ratio. Users also have the option configure video display to full screen or hidden mode with the DVR reduced to the system tray. Automatic events include audio alerts with smoke detection events with user selectable audio alarms. Motion detection includes the ability to select detection zones as well as intelligent light meter technology to automatically adjust motion detection threshold value range. NVision's innovative smoke detection incorporates automatic environment training as well as user selectable minimum illumination levels for each camera.


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