Renaissance Image Explorer

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A user-friendly single- and multi-user image database system which allows you to manage your images using any popular database management system. The program lets you manage your image databases using virtually any database management system, such as Microsoft Access, Oracle, Sybase, or SQLServer using ODBC. Tables can be customized to support any number of fields, images can be stored either in the file system or the database, and you can easily build and execute an unlimited number of queries into an image database based on any information associated with an image. Renaissance Image Explorer is TWAIN compliant, which means you can import multiple images directly from a scanner or digital camera.It supports batch image conversion, resizing, rotation, and export, and enables you to save images in the same format in which they were imported, or select a common save format for all images. You can copy images and data across databases, drag and drop to the Clipboard, view slide shows of your images, and edit images using the built-in 'Image Workshop' image editor. You can also create and customize Internet-ready HTML reports with sound, using the included 'iPage HTML' visual editor. All major image formats are supported, such as BMP, JPG, PCD, PSD, TIFF, and many more.


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