PCDJ Broadcaster

Multimedia and Graphics
MPEG Audio Players and Editors


The PCDJ Broadcaster is a unique dual-channel player that plays all formats of compressed digital media: MP3, Microsoft's WMA, streaming MP3 (M3U), PLS, and more. You can import a Winamp playlist directly into PCDJ Broadcaster. It can play two files at once, allowing you to create your own mix with professional cross-fade and mix controls. You can even adjust the pitch of MP3 files to match the beats between two song files.PCDJ Broadcaster also allows you to instantly become a netcasting DJ and broadcast your own radio show live on the Internet. It lets you organize all your multimedia files (music and videos) in a 'record case' you can set up by artist, type, or BPM. It also plays videos, and you can mix your own soundtrack and make your own unique audio/video mix. It links to Internet radio and lets you set up eight favorite stations like a push-button radio. It lets you play from CD, rip your CDs into digital files in Windows Media format, includes access to an online CD information database, and much more.Requires DirectX.


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