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  • Developer: Firehand Technologies Corporation
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Firehand Lightning 4 is the latest edition of the award-winning photo display and distribution system from Firehand Technologies! Where Firehand Ember provides tools for browsing, culling through, and editing your images, Firehand Lightning allows you to group, show, and share them in a whole new way! Use Lightning to bundle your photo sets together with background imagery, audio annotations, free-form captions, fast-loading embedded previews, searchable keywords, a title page, and other display elements -- all in a single file! The resulting encapsulated photo collections can be indexed using Lightning's proof sheet generator, instantly converted into photo gallery websites using Lightning's HTML generator, and automatically posted to Internet newsgroups using Lightning's powerful USENET posting module. Because they are highly-compressed, encapsulated photo collections can be efficiently archived. But they are also directly viewable in a variety of interesting ways -- as slideshows, screen savers, and photo albums -- using the Lightning photo collection viewers. You can even put the viewing software in photo collection files before distributing them -- creating compact, self-contained, executable, single-file "stand-alone" slideshows, photo albums, and screen savers that can be viewed at the click of a mouse on any Windows computer! Lightning is so simple to use that in minutes you'll be creating encapsulated photo collections from your favorite photos -- to enjoy yourself and to share with friends. But Lightning's intuitive drag/drop interface rests on a technology powerful enough for commercial use too. In fact, Lightning is ideal for the production and distribution of electronic brochures and commercial photo collections.

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