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Have a recording studio at your disposal. Put your voice in you favorite songs. Do this and more with Easy audio mixer ! Easy audio mixer is a multi track audio editor designed for beginners. With it, you will be creating your own audio projects even if you never used a multi track editor or a mixer. Easily import songs, record audio, apply effects and edit channels. Once you are finished, export your project to wave and windows media audio files. If you are a singer, Easy audio mixer will be really useful to you. Simply import a song, remove the vocals from it, and record yourself singing the song. Plus, various sound effects are included that will help your recording sound professional. Download Easy audio mixer and start recording today ! Features: - Simple interface. - Import wav/mp3 and wma (windows media audio) files. - Remove vocals from imported audio files. - Record audio from your soundcard microphone or line in input. - Apply effects with just one click (multiple effects presets are included). - Edit audio using the Events editor. - Video tutorials included - Export to wav/wma files that you can play in most music players.

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