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Digital Photo Plus(DP++) is a software witch can enhance digital camera's function by merge serial photos of same scene. The 'scene' here includes static object or static scene. The movable picture is not recommended. The reason why DP++ can extend the function of camera is it can gather lots of extend information from multiple photos. The function of DP++ include: reduce the hot noise or ISO noise (equal to get low ISO setting), extend the dynamic range of CCD sensibility and low down night noise. We suggest you to use tripod while you taking photos for same scene. If you have no tripod or can not use it, don't worry! A powerful anti-shake function is provided by DP++. Anti hand shake is one of the key features of DP++, it make the software more practicable. DP++ is one of the utilities that DC owners must have, it help you upgrade your camera easily and save your extra money. Funtions and Features include: 1)Reduce ISO noise, hot noise and night noise of photos. 2)Enlarge CCD dynamic sensibility range of digital camera. 3)Hand shaking detecting and correct algorithm insure you can take continuous photos by hand holding.

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