Digital DJ Music System PE

Multimedia and Graphics
Multi-Purpose Player and Editors


PROFESSIONAL EDITION - DJ's and Broadcast. Professional Automated PC Music Player System. Non stop no repeat music/video from your PC. Media types include: MP3, ASF, WMA, WAV, RA, URL(Internet Support), MOV, etc... Features include all Home And Deluxe Home Edition Features Plus the Following: 7 player automated mixing with DDJMS SmartCD, Block Party Option - Play up to 20 in a row by the same artist! DDJMS Exclusive DJ CueMaster Pop up Screen. All Charts Scheduling Feature, Automated Chart Playlist And playback including Top40 countdown. Advanced Auto scheduling to keep the right music playing at the right time, Two For Tuesday Option, large sound file play,Sound Preview screen, cut, mix, and mark. Record level scheduling, Chart tracking .etc. This software is a MUST for DJ's, Nightclubs, Retail Outlets, and Broadcasters.


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