Digital DJ Music System DHE

Multimedia and Graphics
Multi-Purpose Player and Editors


DELUXE HOME EDITION - This Automated PC Music Player System is the most affordable professional music system on the market today! Non stop NO REPEAT music/video from your PC. Media types include: MP3, ASF, WMA, WAV, RA, URL(Internet Support), MOV, etc... System Includes 6 player automated mixer, Jukebox/ marquee face, DDJMS SmartCD mixes random tracks straight from theCD along with sound files. Along with all of the Home version features, You get: Request Hold Option, Create your own PLAYLIST, Instant Category Override option screen. Fade In Fade Out Editing Option, Speed control during editing. Large Sound File Editing option (Start Stop selection) Max Preset Options for daily scheduling, Power Play Song Selection, Unlimited entries in the Program Director database and Special Categories Control. No hassle music enjoyment. Broadcasting quality at an at home price! 4 editions are available.


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