DSLR Assistant

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  • Developer: Vickit,Inc.
  • Home page: vickit.com
  • License type: Commercial
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DSLR Assistant is an application to remotely control your Canon digital camera from a Mac computer using USB or Firewire cable. Control most camera parameters, including but not limited to resolution, shutter speed and aperture, white balance, ISO, metering modes. While it is still possible to set all options in the camera, it often makes more sense to work on the larger computer screen and to make the changes remotely. Remote capture from your Mac and take pictures directly onto the hard drive. One of the most useful functions for studio photographers or anyone needing to work remotely with their camera. All procedures from shooting to saving images are smoothly processed. Great shots all the time! You finally have the ability to verify 100% of the time that focus, exposure, lighting, and of course composition are all the way you want them.

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