Time Sheriff

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  • Developer: Vickit,Inc.
  • Home page: vickit.com
  • License type: Commercial
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TimeSheriff is a filtering and controlling software, which gives you the ability to comprehensive control and filter your kid's uses of the internet, irrespective of where you are, what you did, enabling you to keep your child away from the dangers of internet . Limit the time of kid's work and break by TimeSheriff, which can help your child relax and protect his or her eyes after a long time surfing online. TimeSheriff is a simple and reliable software for every PC users. You can block which applicaitons you don't want your kids to use, which game you don't want them to play, etc. And in order to protect your kids grow healthily, as a concerned parent, you should pay more attention to your kids how long they spend on computer/online. Control their time of surfing online in real time, they should benefit a lot. TimeSheriff is an excellent security software that allows you to restrict access to some Windows important resources. It also can help you easily control the applications from Start Menu and Task Manager, and protect the company's confidential files. In addition, you can run TimeSheriff in a complete stealth mode smoothly and silently, it is very popular in quit a few home and small business. Time sheriff is a computer time administrator * Limit time your child spend on the home PC * Limit computer time when your child play games * Control time when your child work on pc or online * Specify time when your child surfing internet * work in stealth mode When TimeSheriff was released, it has been popular with the people all over the world. TimeSheriff is your best assistant for your kid's healthy growth.


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