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• Automatic timed save reminder (which you can turn off) • Use Spell Checker and Thesaurus to your convenience. • Master Pages support adds simplicity and power. Create several master pages, and use them as templates for your document pages throughout your publication. • Advanced text handling capabilities like tabs idents, rulers, base line shift, line spacing, character spacing control, and more! • Style Sheets allow you to make formatting text a fun. Create several style sheets you are going to use in your publication, and format in in just a few clicks! • Add various shapes to your application like styled lines, arcs, ovals rectangles and more! • Speech Balloons: Create speech balloons of 12 shapes, add line width, color, style, and insert your desired text! • Power Text: Create custom headlines with the Power Text Tool with various text effects that includes font shape, filling, background and outline color, pattern, and shade and gradient. • Bezier & Bezier Text Tool: Use the Bezier Tool to add Bezier curved objects to your documents! The Bezier Text tool allows you to add text and change some text attributes, such as font, font size, color, and shade.

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